Why I will Never Work for CREW TECHS

never work for crew techs

I am submitting this anonymously and have been assured that I will remain anonymous. I can’t risk Tammy Rowe’s wrath.

You guys, I have been in the AV industry for 10 years. I love on the East Coast. I worked for Crew Techs – not for long, that’s for sure. It was THE WORST. They ddidn’t pay me. I literally had to beg for my money. They booked me on a show and the venue changed, but they never said as much. Alls they said was, “Stay there until the rest of the crew gets there.” dude, i waited for 5 freakin hours!!!


I demanded to be paid for my time. What did Crew Techs say to me when I submitted my invoice?! WE DON’T OWE YOU ANYTHING.